Orion 12x3 (30W) 

Tri-Colour Modular Panel

  • Samsung LEDs as standard

  • Tridonic drivers as standard

  • CCT switchable (3000K/4000K/6000K)

  • Fire rated diffusers - TP(b)

  • Opal diffuser

  • IP44 rated as standard

  • Extruded aluminium frame

Spec Sheets


Add /EM for Emergency 

Add /QD for Q-Drive Dimmable Driver

Add /TD for Tridonic Dimmable Driver

Add /QE for Q-Drive Dimmable + Emergency

Add /TE for Tridonic Dimmable + Emergency

Use the option buttons to get reference codes


Dimmable Driver

Dimmable Driver


These fittings can be ordered with integral emergency functionality. This gives 3W of backup power for

up to 3 hours. 

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4in1 Driver

Allows Dali 2.0 interface dimming, Switch dim, 10% corridor & DSI

3in1 Driver

Allows Dali 2.0 interface dimming, Switch dim & 1-10V rotary dimming

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